Who We Are

About SCYS

Second Chances Youth Services LLC is a caring organization with a focus on troublesome youth in the community. Second Chances was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Mason in September 2008. The founders recognized the need for strong community outreach services that may help facilitate and guide individuals with their future endeavors while maintaining family cohesiveness.

Mission Statement

SCYS Mission is based on family Cohesiveness. SCYS believes that children and adolescents are best served through preserving the family system. it is the mission of SCYS to empower our community by preserving the family unit through the use of ground breaking individual and family therapeutic coaching, support, education and guidance.

SCYS seeks to assist families in achieving a stable, healthy home environment by reducing or eliminating problematic behaviors;

  • SCYS seeks to successfully prevent out of home placements;
  • Offers a variety of services and interventions to meet the individualized needs of the families in services;
  • SCYS coordinates and collaborates with others external agencies to ensure maximizing of the families opportunities for success;
  • SCYS empowers families to competently participate in treatment decision-making; and
  • SCYS seeks to teach functional and adaptable skills to individuals in the family unit to help maintain unity.